Por Hello Giggles
Febrero 22, 2017
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It's as if Selena Gomez has been leaving us intentional breadcrumbs all over for fans to discover that she's really dating The Weeknd. And if this Instagram post of Gomez wearing The Weeknd's shirt at her mom's house isn't proof of that, we don't know what else is.

Although their rumored (but pretty much official) romance is fairly new, this helpful timeline from Cosmopolitan shows that there has been plenty to speculate about when it comes to The Weeknd and Gomez dating. After being spotted kissing, Gomez and The Weekned followed each other on Instragram (it's true love, y'all).

Then, Gomez's mom, Mandy Teefey, posted a photo on Instagram of a family game night on February 19th. Her mom made a joke that Gomez's date was talent manager Ray Hughes, but Gomez's shirt is what's getting all of the attention.

While it's not super easy to see, Gomez's black T as she impressively balances herself on the table while eating pizza has two little red lightning bolts and a red cross.

A French fan Twitter account for The Weeknd noted that this shirt is actually merchandise for the musician.

Although the shirt isn't available on The Weeknd's store right now, this Billboard article describes the cross and bolt design that Gomez is rocking in her mom's Instagram photo.

So, another day, another rumor about Gomez and The Weeknd dating. But, this time around, Gomez is pretty much begging for speculation about her love life and we couldn't be more thankful.