The Panamanian singer talks to People CHICA about his Afro-Latinidad, latest collaborations, and first U.S. tour.

Panamanian artist Sech is set to start his first U.S. tour next week, and he couldn’t be more excited. “We’re practicing to make sure the shows are good and that people enjoy themselves, which is essential,” he tells People CHICA of his Sueños Tour, which kicks off February 28. “I like being everywhere, and spending time with people is the most exciting part. I do like Los Angeles a lot, though — not because of the crowd because I love the fans from all states, but because I like the area a lot.”

Sech, who identifies as Afro-Latino, believes that promoting the Afro-Latinx community will help bring visibility to the culture. “I’m happy and proud of my roots, the flavor,” he says. “We have an insane story that goes way back. We suffered if you know about the history, but the flavor and music remained.”

In his music, Sech tries to incorporate his Panamanian roots, and admits that his own country is his favorite place to tour in the world. “What I do is a little bit of dancehall with reggaeton, R&B,” he says. “That’s where my music comes from, truly, because it comes from my roots and what I listened to as a kid.”

Even while prepping for the tour, Sech still has found the time to collaborate with artists like Daddy Yankee for the single “Definitivamente,” which has over 44 million views on YouTube. “We had been in communication for a long time,” Sech says about Daddy Yankee. “When we met up in Puerto Rico, we were like let’s hit up the studio and see what happens.” He also featured on the “Coronao Now” remix with El Alfa, Lil Pump, Vin Diesel, and Myke Towers. “Truly for me it was a surprise,” he says. “El Alfa called me to remix a song of his and I did my verse, and then they surprised me saying that Vin Diesel did his first song.”

On top of all that, Sech is also busy learning English, because he believes it’s important to communicate with people who don’t speak Spanish. “I think it’s something personal and I want to expand and take the music further,” he explains. “For myself, to be able to feel good and learn new things.”