The Panamanian star's latest release debuted at number one on Apple Music's Latin chart.

Por Alma Sacasa
Mayo 22, 2020

Following the success of his debut album Sueños, Sech is at it again with 1 of 1, which debuted at number one on Apple Music's Latin chart this Thursday. "We gave soul, mind, and heart to this new album, and with God we are going to break records in everything," he tells People CHICA.

Comparing 1 of 1 to Sueños, the Panamanian believes he has shared more of himself in his new project. "I believe I was more open to the things I like, and I am an artist with more confidence now," he explains. "We did different music with this album, and other collaborations, and we are going to continue with that."

For 1 of 1, he collaborated with artists like Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Arcángel, and Myke Towers. "I believe every song called for a certain voice, and I went on to make calls and send over the songs to my colleagues," he says. "The ones on the album are the ones who said yes and liked the songs, and we made it ready."

Sech says he felt a bit anxious about living up to the success of Sueños, but for the most part had a blast making the new album. "There's always pressure because it might fail, but it might also go well," he says. "With everything you do there's always that pressure, but I had fun and made great hits."

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sech had to postpone his Sueños tourwhich would have been his first outing as a headliner. He had a virtual concert for his fans when quarantine first started, but hopes to find a different way to connect with them for this new album. He also has big — very big — plans for his future. "I want to be an icon in music, like Pharrell and many other super-producers who are producers, singers, in fashion, everything," he says. "It's a hard job I have to do, but I am up for it!"

He hopes to work with artists like Drake and Justin Bieber once the pandemic is over, but for now he's still managing to stay inspired while hunkering down at home. "I am taking things with calm, obtaining a muse," he shares. "I am always on the piano and recording things."

1 of 1 is now available on all platforms. Listen to Sech's latest single, "Confía" featuring Daddy Yankee, below.