Popular TV series La Reina del Sur has two male characters fall in love in its second season, airing now on Telemundo.

Por Lena Hansen
Junio 03, 2019

La Reina del Sur 2, airing on Telemundo, continues to break down stereotypes. Teresa Mendoza, played by Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, is a female drug lord surviving in a male-dominated world. The narco novela also presents a same-sex love story. It recently aired an episode where one of its main characters, famous politician Alejandro Alcala (played by Mexican actor Mark Tacher), has a secret relationship with another man, architect and interior designer Danilo Márquez (played by Emmanuel Orenday).

Tacher spoke to People en Español and said this is not the first time he plays a gay character on television. He also played a gay character in the Mexican telenovela Tío Alberto in 2000, which aired on TV Azteca. He says ever since the series' writer told him about Alejandro's character he felt “a lot of interest and curiosity” about the role. “Alejandro Alcalá belongs to a high-class family of politicians that have lived with this doble morality for 20 years so he knows that if they some day discover he is a homosexual his life would be over, his career would be over and he can't allow that, because he cares about having power more than anything else.”

The clip from La Reina del Sur 2 shows the couple being in love and enjoying a romantic day together (riding in a helicopter and watching fireworks). Danilo doesn't want to have a closeted relationship, but Alejandro explains that coming out would be suicide for his political career since he is the campaign manager of the future president of Mexico.

Tacher added to People en Español that playing Alejandro hasn't changed his perspective of homosexuality. “Since a long time ago, I have had homosexual friends and I have always talked with them about their sexual orientation and have had a great friendship with them. My train of thought never changed because to me it's completely normal, it's a preference and there is nothing wrong with that,” he says.

Filming romantic scenes with actor Emmanuel Orenday has been a good experience, he says. “Emmanuel is a great guy. He was always ready as an actor, always prepared, and he is very respectful. When we got into sexual scenes we communicated a lot to understand what we were going to do and how it was going to happen. I hope we can work together again in the future,” he admits. Tacher concluded that he played this character “with all the love in the world” and “with the utmost respect for the LGBT community” and he hopes it's received well by audiences.