Mexican actress Salma Hayek dishes on her new comedy Like a Boss and the evolution of women in Hollywood.

In her new comedy Like a Boss, in theaters Friday, Salma Hayek Pinault plays a beauty industry maven who aims to destroy the competition. In real life, she was also a beauty-industry CEO, partnering with CVS in 2011 to create her now-defunct Nuance Beauty line. “There were so many things about human psychology I learned,” she told InStyle about that business venture. “Our obsession with beauty and our image has so much to do with where our heads are at emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.”

The Mexican actress, 53, told the magazine she is not frantically looking for the secret to eternal youth, which is something she learned from the women in her family. “My mother always demonstrated the importance of aging gracefully,” she said. “I never saw her or my grandmother being afraid of getting old. And so I don’t have that fear.”

Salma Hayek de negro en la presentación de Like a Boss

She is also thrilled to see more women in Hollywood taking the reins. Variety reports that “there was a dramatic shift in 2019 with the percentage of female leads rising from 31 percent to 40 percent in top-grossing films.” “What I can tell you is that a lot more women are directing and acting and writing and producing. And there are a lot more movies made about women and for women because the audience was neglected,” Hayek told Variety. “We’re on the right path. And we’re not going to stop.”

The almost all-female cast of Like a Boss also includes Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish, who play two beauty newcomers intimidated by Hayek’s over-the-top mogul. “For once this is a movie that is not about a woman looking for a man or needing a man,” Hayek said of the comedy. “I hope that a lot of people go to see it, because the more that they see movies about women, the more that it empowers women.”