This Full Moon is illuminating hidden truths and helping you shift your perspective on outdated ideas.

Tonight's full moon in Sagittarius is here to illuminate your world. This fire sign of wisdom, truth and liberation is having its first lunation that is not an eclipse since 2019, helping us bask in this energy with ease.

If you've been looking to shift your perspective or see things in a new light, this is the time to do it. During this time you can also expect new information to arise, truths to be revealed and a spark in your overall creativity.

To help you explore your inner wisdom and illuminate your world, People Chica's #MotivationMonday series is highlighting five podcasts—in Spanish and English—filled with astrology experts, life coaching and guides that will help you move through this lunation.

Credit: Getty Images

Embodied Astrology with Renee Sills

Host Renee sills explores astrology through a queer and creative lens. This podcast takes a look at astrology from an embodiment perspective, helping you incorporate aspects of astrology within your body.

Sagittarius Daily

If you're a Sag looking for some guidance tailored to you, then tune in to this optimal daily podcast. Every day, you'll hear about movements, positions and aspects related to this sign and how they are affecting you.

99% with Mia Astral

A Sagittarius native herself, Mia Pineda blends life coaching with her own life experiences to bring you his podcast full of wisdom. Each short episode is full of advice that will last you for a lifetime.

Uprise Astrology Podcast with Aylin Sky

Astrologist and numerologist Aylin Sky is cutting through the noise to bring the best information to empower you through the cosmos. The live show focuses on the everyday to help you prepare your days based on the energy available and make them work for you.