Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sánchez talks to People CHICA about Grand Hotel, her kids and her bond with Eva Longoria.

Por Lena Hansen
Junio 17, 2019

Roselyn Sánchez is thrilled with her role on ABC's new series Grand Hotel, executive produced by Eva Longoria. “Grand Hotel has secrets, it has lies, it has a dysfunctional family, it has murder mystery, it has sex. It's fun, it's just entertaining,” she says. The Puerto Rican actress, 46, is also grateful to share the screen with other Latinx stars. “It's a very multicultural cast, but the main family is a Latino family and we happen to be the ones in charge,” she adds.

She calls working with the Oscar-nominated Mexican actor Demian Bichir in the series “a dream.” “He is just so good and as an actress to be able to share scenes and play with a colleague that will elevate you it was just incredible.” Spending time on set with colleague and friend Shalim Ortiz has also been a treat. “I have known Shalim since we were kids and I know his mom Charytín, I love her with all my heart. It was wonderful. We go to the set and we look at each other and we just laugh. We can't believe we are doing this together after so many years of friendship.”

Sharing this project with Eva Longoria makes it all the more fulfilling. “Working with Eva and calling her ‘lady boss' is amazing. She is such an important figure for the Latino community and for the business in general. This is a girl that is producing, acting, writing, directing. She is into politics, she is into philanthropy, she is doing it all. She is changing lives, what she is doing is pretty outstanding and to be able to connect at that level as mothers…We've known each other for 20 years. We know about marriages and divorces and marrying again, and continuing the path and struggling to have children and being able to have children, we have been through it all together. It's just wonderful to call her my friend and my boss.”

Being a working mom is challenging but extremely rewarding, the actress —who shares a 7-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son with husband Eric Winter— says. “I enjoy everything about my kids. It's a lot of work. Motherhood is no joke, it's a lot, but it's the most incredible job in the world to see them grow.”

Sánchez loves her multicultural family. “I have a mini me with Sebella, my husband has a mini Eric with Dylan,” she says. “We have a dark skinned and a white skinned. Just looking at them, you go: ‘Life is perfect.' I have been so blessed that I became a mother later in life and God gave me two beautiful, healthy, vibrant kids.”