Are you ready for this fiery collaboration?


Spanish singer Rosalía is teasing fans with a preview of her new song alongside Dominican controversial rapper Tokischa. The Grammy Award winner shared a video clip on her Instagram account on Saturday of the upcoming single "Linda."  

"Soon LINDA @tokishcha.popola," she captioned the post where the artists recorded various scenes across the Dominican Republic.

The clip opens with both artists sitting in a smokey Dominican beauty salon where Tokischa is underneath a hairdryer. Then, it switches to various clips of them partying, dancing, and traveling through the island.

Rosalía had previously mentioned the upcoming collaboration during an interview on the Dominican radio show Alofoke sin censura, where she talked to host Santiago Matías about her trip to the Dominican Republic and her admiration for the rapper.

"I'm surprised by Tokischa's voice; she's special," she said during the interview, where she also discussed other musical influences from the island, including Juan Luis Guerra and Haraca Kiko.

However, she told Matías she did not have a definite date for the release of new music. 

"I'm a perfectionist and I really want the music to have feeling. I want it to make sense, to have an objective, and part of its purpose is for it to feel beautiful and real," she said. "Right now, I feel like we're getting close, even though the tracklist has not been finished."

Both singers have not yet given a release date for "Linda," but we're sure it's going to be on fire!