Will this new single be part of Rosalía's upcoming album?

Rosalía and The Weeknd have joined forces again to release "La Fama," a sexy bachata track that will drop on Thursday, November 11th.

The "Malamente" vocalist shared a preview of the song on YouTube. In it, she takes center stage in a sparkling, silver cut-out dress at a speakeasy-style theater, proceeds to sing a few lines in Spanish and dances over to the Canadian singer, who is sitting at a table watching the show.

Taking a cue from his collaboration with Maluma on the bilingual version of "Hawáii" last year, The Weeknd sings a verse in Spanish. The teaser also features a cameo of actor Danny Trejo, who opens the short clip with the line "So get ready for some heat....'La Fama!'"

This is not the first time Rosalía and The Weeknd team up. In December, Rosalía was part of the bilingual remix of "Blinding Lights."

Fans have been hungry for new music from the Latin Grammy award winner this year. The release of "La Fama" comes just a few days after she officially announced her upcoming album, Motomami, on Instagram with a 15-second video montage where she sports different looks while chanting the phrase "Motomami."

During a visit to the Dominican Republic this summer, Rosalía went on the Alofoke sin censura radio show and spoke about her musical process. She also shared that she has been working on her upcoming album for three years —and is close to finishing it. Motomami will follow her 2018 Latin Grammy Award-winning album El mal querer.

"I'm a perfectionist and I really want the music to have feeling. I want it to make sense, to have an objective, and part of its purpose is for it to feel beautiful and real," she said. "Right now, I feel like we're getting close, even though the tracklist has not been finished."