The couple took a break from their busy lives to nurture their romance in Santorini.

Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía continue to nurture their love and show the world they are more enamorados than ever.

After sharing their visits to Paris, Mexico, and New York together, the couple took a break from their busy lives and escaped to the Greek islands where they've been sunbathing on a boat and going on adventures.

"Lost somewhere," wrote the Puerto Rican urban star in a post where he can be seen aboard a sailboat. "I'm hanging around there lost with my babe and today new music is coming out!!!! What else can I ask for," he added in another where he is shirtless atop a cliff in Santorini.

Rosalia and Rauw
Credit: Rauw Alejandro/Instagram

The Spanish Latin Grammy Award winner also shared several photos hanging out around Santorini alongside her beau.

"This motomami is taking 3 days and then coming back ejejjjej," she captioned the first post, where she is enjoying gelato with gummy bears.

Ra'Rauw took the opportunity to reply to the "Hentai" vocalist in the comments, teasing, "Where will we go next? 🤔."

Rauw Alejandro y Rosalia
Credit: Rosalia/Instagram

In addition to strolling the island, the motomami shared her bikini bod while sailing through the Adriatic Sea in a Fendi bikini.

"Put me in the sun and I'll melt, I'll take off the mal de ojo (evil eye) you send me," she started, quoting her song "Bizcochito."

It has almost been a year since the love birds made their relationship public on Rosalía's 28th birthday. On February 13, the "Desesperados" reggaeton star confessed his true feelings toward the songstress after she gifted him a pair of Calvin Klein white boxers with a photo of her face on one of his butt cheeks.

In good jest, the "Cúrame" star shared a photo on his Instagram Stories, which he captioned, "My girlfriend just killed it with this gift! New favorite boxers. Happy Valentines! I love you."

Inspired by the Grammy Award winner's humor, Alejandro opened up his heart to the world with a special message in a subsequent story.

"You all don't truly know how much this woman makes me laugh, she always finds a way of making me smile no matter what kind of day I'm having. The most extraordinary person I have ever met, the best companion that life could have gifted me," he wrote. "With her I want to learn and keep growing until I am an old man at 105 years old and hopefully I'll be next to her at that age in a rocking chair next to her on our front porch talking about everything we've lived together, everything we've achieved, if life wants it that way."

The performer ended his love letter by doing something he had never done before.

"I've never done this before, but I don't care!! Having millions of followers or no one," he wrote. "I want anyone who reads me to find out that you are the love of my life."