Flamenco star Rosalía reveals the truth behind her success and opens up about women crushing the Latinx music scene.

Por Lena Hansen
Mayo 20, 2019

Rosalía is honored to be part of People en Español's 50 Most Beautiful, but the idea of being celebrated for her beauty makes the Spanish flamenco star laugh. “I think it's funny,” she tells the magazine. “I think my idea of beauty is pretty relative. I think what is beautiful is what moves you and excites your senses.”

She certainly knows how to move people through her music! Her songs — a unique fusion of flamenco, urban beats, R&B and pop — are filled with non-cliché female empowerment. Although she is now getting standing ovations — see her Coachella performance with J Balvin — and her songs are played all over the world, the climb to the top was not easy. “It cost me a lot of work and sacrifice. I consider myself a disciplined person, with clear goals,” she reveals.


Being away from her family and home in Spain has taken an emotional toll on the 25-year-old. “It's been hard to miss out on moments with my family or the people I love because I'm devoted to studying or working so much,” she adds.

However, her bucket list of pending dreams is long, and she knows there is a lot more work ahead. One collab she dreams of? Recording with Kanye West!


She is also all about girl power and celebrating the success of other women in music. “I think we still have a long way to go in this industry,” she reflects. “But I'm happy to see more women as headliners in festivals or engineers, top liners and songwriters in the studio.“

The passionate songstress admits that music is her obsession and she needs to find more time to enjoy the little things in life. “I would love to better balance my personal life with my profession,” she says. “I want to keep growing as a person and learn to love everything and everyone around me more.”


How does she see herself in five years? Still working intensely! “I see myself being able to take my music around the world and spending most of my time in the studio or on the stage, which is what makes me the happiest,” she concludes. There is no slowing her down!