Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Febrero 08, 2017
Romeo Santos

When it comes to surprises and innovation, Romeo Santos is an expert. This time, the bachatero partnered with none other than Marvel Comics to design a superhero costume to promote his new music single “Héroe favorite,” which in English translates to “Favorite hero,” which will be part of his new album Golden.

“I'm basically infatuated with this girl; I'm trying to protect her. Her parents are trying to set her up with this other guy. At least from my perspective, she's not too enthusiastic about it, so in my imagination, I'm like, if I were a superhero I would protect her. I have strength like Hulk, climb up 100 feet to her balcony like Spider-Man, a lot of metaphors.” Romeo told Billboard.

It was through his social networks that the Bronx-native decided to tease his fans, “This is the cover of my new single # HéroeFavorito, from my album #Golden. Available on February 13th! Marvel Custom,” he wrote on his Facebook.

The costume that Marvel Comics designed for the singer is one similar to the style of The Punisher, only that instead of a cape, it has a trench coat.

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