The Puerto Rican duo talks to CHICA about their new album and their musical chemistry.

RKM y Ken-Y
Credit: Pina Records

Formed in 2003 by José Nieves (RKM) and Kenny Vázquez (Ken-Y), Puerto Rican duo RKM & Ken-Y has released three albums and successful singles like "Down," "Me Matas," and “Cuerpo Sensual” featuring Don Omar, but in 2013 they announced their separation. "We had a separation time that we used to grow in all areas — like professionally, personally — but we realized the fans of RKM & Ken-Y anxiously wanted to see the duo together again," Ken-Y tells People CHICA. "It’s cool that we’re together again and the fans are happy."

They came back together in 2017, and now they're on the verge of releasing a new album called Destiny. The duo think their years apart only made them musically stronger. "That’s part of what allows the connection we have, because we met each other as kids and created a cool work dynamic, and we produce things together well," Ken-Y says. "We have a lot of different ideas and different minds. When we come together to produce our ideas and combine them, that’s worked for us and keeps getting better."

Since the duo started in 2003, they've seen a lot of changes in urbano, but the changes have only pushed them farther. "There have been new styles, new ideas, like trap and dancehall Latino. It’s been very productive for urban music," RKM explains. "The face of Latin music is urban music. Artists on the scale of Ricky Martin, J. Lo, and Shakira making urban music has been very positive for the industry."

Their latest single "Máscara" was produced by Pina Records and composed by Ken-Y; the duo describes it as having a trap feel. "It’s something new and we’re trying to serve this new generation of fans. We wanted to switch up the sound a bit, keeping the essence of RKM & Ken-Y," Ken-Y says.

Destiny, due later this year, will have many collaborations, including one with Daddy Yankee. "The production for Destiny is almost done. We have 14 to 15 tracks, and we have songs with the style of 'Máscara' and the style that characterizes us — romanticism, like RKM & Ken-Y style," RKM says. "The tracks are varied and it has some clubbing songs. I think the public is gonna like it."

Due to the pandemic, everything has changed and many of their productions have had to be postponed. While they don't have a release date for the new album yet, they are hoping to be able to share it with their fans soon. "We do want a normal work routine again," RKM says. "Going to the studio, going on tour, traveling, sharing with colleagues — we want to take care of ourselves and survive this time so we can do what we enjoy once this is over."

During this time of quarantine, the guys are staying safe in their respective homes, spending time with their loved ones and making TikToks. "RKM is the star on TikTok," Ken-Y jokes. "I have kids who are adolescents and we have to stay up to date on social media. RKM is the one that spends time making TikToks. Sometimes I have to take away his phone." 

"Making TikToks, enjoying my pets, spending time with my son," RKM says, listing his favorite isolation activities. "I am eating a lot and enjoying myself."

The duo has already collaborated with many artists like Zion y Lennox and De La Ghetto, but they hope to keep that list growing in the future. "With Bad Bunny I like his style, it’s super different," RKM says. "With Sech, too — he has a more similar style to us. We would love to work with artists in the urban genre, but also with Marc Anthony and Ricardo Arjona — artists outside of the genre."

Watch their video for "Máscara" below.