Rizos Reinas have been asking for this product for a long time, and now the haircare brand has finally delivered.

When founder Julissa Prado started the haircare brand Rizos Curls in 2017, she wanted users to embrace and celebrate the beauty of their curls, kinks, and waves. Almost three years later, the brand has expanded to offer a full range of products, but there was still one thing missing — a gel.

Now, though, the #RizosReinas community can rejoice. The company's new Light Hold Gel joins the brand as the fifth step in the Rizos Curls Wash and Go routine. Prado spent a year and a half developing the gel to ensure it was the best for a range of curl types.

"I am so excited to finally launch the Rizos Curls Light Hold Gel! I know the struggles of curly hair firsthand and the importance of creating products for every curl, wave, and coil type," Prado shared. "I worked on this gel for over a year and a half and hand-selected every ingredient to make sure we gave our loyal community the very best styling gel that not only provides hold, but also improves overall hair health with its high-quality natural ingredients."

Packaged in an adorable pink tube, the cream gel creates touchable curls that still have definition and moisture without crunch or flakes. The ingredients are 95 percent naturally derived and include aloe vera, flaxseed, thyme, and arginine.

Rizos Curls
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Rizos Curls ships to over 57 countries, so don't wait to give the new gel a try!

Buy It! Rizo Curls Light Hold Gel, $19.99