Orders placed on Latina Equal Pay Day will come with the exclusive Si Se Puede Sticker, designed by Prado's cousin.

October 29 is Latina Equal Pay Day, which marks the point in 2020 at which a Latina's wages equal what a white man made in 2019. As she does every year, Rizos Curls founder Julissa Prado finds ways to raise awareness about the inequality Latina women face. This year, the company's Jefa Hair Pin will be on sale for an additional 45 percent off to reflect the difference of the pay inequality.

"Every year we like to bring awareness to the wage gap on Latina Equal Pay Day, because as a Latina I see all the contributions that Latinas in general make in this country," she tells People CHICA. "One in five women in this country are Latinas, and they're not only attending college at higher rates but also starting small businesses and contributing to the economy in so many different ways. It's truly such a disservice to not just our country but to women in general that Latinas have for so long been paid less on average than their counterparts in every category."

In addition to the Jefa Hair Pin sale, Rizos Curls orders placed on Latina Equal Pay Day will come with the exclusive Si Se Puede Sticker, designed by Prado's cousin Vanessa Prado. "We love to be creative and put our own sazon on everything that we do," she says. "I thought it was just a really cool image to show the diversity and the beauty that exist in the country and how we're all American, we're all paying a big part of it. Not only do we want to be equal voters, we want to be equal citizens here and have equal pay. With the election coming up, it reminds us to use our right to vote and use it wisely for our community."

Prado and Rizos Curls are also using social media to teach followers how to negotiate and find out if they're underpaid. "We did bar graphs showing pay equality across the board, we've also been doing infographics with tips on how to ask for a raise, how to find out if you're being underpaid," she explains. "These are conversations that we're not just having today — we have them all the time. It's something that's very important to us. I just had a small business summit in Los Angeles this past February, where 300 small-business owners came to grow and learn. We're always doing things to really empower Latinas and women in general to ask for that raise, to get educated on average pay, and to always demand to be respected and to be seen."

Rizos Curls is also celebrating its three-year anniversary, which Prado says makes her feel like a proud mom. "I literally feel like my baby is turning three today and I'm so proud," she shares. "We are having an office costume contest, and we're going to put it on all of our social media and have our customers vote on the best costume. We like to celebrate as if it was a real little person's birthday! I'm excited to continue growing and continue some great innovation, and bring some great quality products to women everywhere."

As Rizos Curls continues to grow, fans can expect some exciting new projects coming in the next few weeks. "We have some really cool announcements and amazing partnerships coming up," Prado says. "I'm going to be announcing our first big brand-to-brand collaboration in a few weeks and I'm just so excited. I've been working on this for over a year, and I can't wait for everyone to see. It's going to be something really new, and it's not even necessarily hair."