Celebrity hairstylist, Yusef Williams, shares with People Chica what special techniques he uses to achieve real definition in curly hair. 

Anytime Rihanna steps out, she is always seen sporting some of the most cutting-edge fashions and hairstyles—leaving folks wondering how they can achieve her unique looks.

People Chica chatted with her long-time hairstylist Yusef Williams, and he exclusively shared some tips on the best techniques to define your curls for the spring and upcoming summer season.

Williams, who joined Rihanna's glam squad more than 13 years ago, explains that the most important thing is to use a good shampoo, deep conditioning and not over-applying products.

He also notes that he doesn't like using mousse, and prefers soft lotions and defining creams when it comes to styling curly tresses.

"People with curly hair tend to think that the more product is better, but that is not always true," Williams said.

"When I use the K18, I wash the hair, and then I put the leave-in and let it sit in for like 4 minutes or a little longer before I start to style [and diffuse]. Then I use serums and soft curly products that don't have alcohol," he continued.

Regarding the set haircare routine he has for the music star and soon-to-be mom, Williams said that ensuring her hair is clean is always very important, especially before any photoshoot or event.

"It's very important to use the right shampoo, one that really cleanses your hair, and using the K18 is something that I do every time we wash and that is something that is keeping her hair healthy, full, and not being damaged by chemicals and heat," he affirmed.

On what he thought were the top curly-haired trends folks would be seeing this spring and summer, he noted that everyone should experiment and allow their hair to breathe a bit after a long, cold winter.

Williams adds, "I always say that the summer is the perfect time to do a nice cut—don't be afraid to trim your ends. Don't be afraid to add a little more layers, to have a little more fun, just being adventurous."

"I have a lot of girls with curly hair, and they want to shave the side and go back to that old trend that I think is super sexy," the hair guru stated.

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