Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin expressed his discontent over the governor's response to the recent earthquakes on the island.


Ricky Martin posted a video on Instagram telling Puerto Rican governor Wanda Vázquez exactly how he feels. The boricua star asked Vázquez to resign, claiming she is doing a poor job representing his people. “Governor of Puerto Rico Wanda Vázquez, I am Ricky Martin. It’s been 17 days since tragedy struck Puerto Rico again,” he says, referring to the series of earthquakes that have recently caused much destruction on the island. “And it’s been 17 days that there are girls, boys, men and women literally living in the street, sleeping on the floor, without a roof over their heads, without stability, because nothing moves forward, there are no concrete changes. Men and women, volunteers and private businesses are doing the job that you are obligated to do.”

Martin claimed that reliable sources on the island have informed him of the shortcomings of Vázquez’s administration. “Daily I get information from people with a lot of credibility who tell me that you don’t have control of our people and that you are not sufficiently honest with us. The camps are still there, the majors are still there, and our people are still without a roof sleeping on the floor,” he says. “And to top it all off, you call media outlets today so they accompanied you and took photos of you with the victims [of the earthquakes], but the media could not ask you any questions. How do you expect for us to react when all we want is transparency and information? We have questions! Who is going to answer them? You!”

Wanda Vazquez

The renowned artist and philanthropist directly asked her to step down from her post. “Unfortunately, I think there are no immediate jurisdictional mechanisms to get you and your team out and pay for all that you are making us suffer,” he concluded. “But I have good news: Elections are coming in November and I’m sure our people will rebel more than ever. That’s why, governor, today your resignation is a matter of conscience, but for our country it would be an act of justice. Get out, Wanda.”


The singer was involved in the massive street protests in San Juan that lead to the resignation of the previous governor, Ricardo Rosselló, last year, and helped in the reconstruction and relief efforts on the island after the devastation from Hurricane Maria in 2017.