The song is about the isolating, paralyzing feelings of social anxiety, with which one of the sisters has struggled.


On Friday, Mexican American duo Reyna — composed of sisters Vic and Gab — released their new single "Lonely Girl," from their upcoming debut EP. The song is about the isolating and paralyzing feelings of social anxiety, which Gab has experienced herself. "I spent a lot of last year struggling with social anxiety and just anxiety in general, and it was very hard for me to go out. Even going to a bar was kind of scary because I was just going through so much," Gab tells People CHICA. "This song, I wrote it in my bathrobe one morning. I was just so tired of feeling that way and I really wanted to participate in life again ... I was missing feeling normal and this song just came to me. I just felt like, 'I am a lonely girl in my lonely world,' and I really wanted to get it out and it was so hard."

The sisters are also working hard on their EP, which has been in the making for a year. "There are just a bunch of songs that are very close to our hearts, and it’s hard to pick six songs from the 13 or 20 songs that you’ve written, but I think the vibe is very much like Coachella," Vic shares. "We love to write sad lyrics with dance-y and happy music, so I think that’s the vibe. And with COVID and everything happening right now, I think that we are all kind of struggling with [being] enclosed in a room in your house, missing normal life. So writing sad lyrics and dancing to it is a vibe.”

The duo grew up in a musical household, which steered them into following a musical path. "We have been playing music together since we were little kids. Our grandmother was in a mariachi band growing up," Gab says. "We would go with her to her gigs and sing with her. It really built the love for music in us, and then we asked for guitars one Christmas and started out the first version of Reyna as little kids."

Their Mexican American upbringing greatly influenced their sound as well. "Being Mexican and our grandma being a mariachi singer, she really pushed us and inspired us to be singers," Vic says. "That mariachi culture, that unity, that love for what you do really inspired us and keeps inspiring us."

Working together as sisters gives them the upper hand when it comes to communicating and being a strong team. "It's definitely a strength, especially when we are in the studio with producers — we can communicate with just looks because we are sisters," Gab says. "We've developed this way of speaking to each other and it makes us stronger, because we are both on each other's team. It helps when you are in a room and you have someone there that's on your side."

The sisters were recently invited to join the Recording Academy and are now voting members for the Grammys; winning one is just one of the many goals they plan to accomplish. "I always think of Selena. When I was a kid, Selena to me was like a god because she looked like me, she sounded like me, she was from Texas like me, she was also Mexican," Gab says. "I want to make young girls — or just women my age — feel that way, like anything is possible, and feel seen and heard. That's really our biggest goal."