The rapper sat down with the Democratic presidential candidate to discuss education, Puerto Rico, and more.

Por Eliza Thompson
Septiembre 30, 2019
Credit: YouTube

Following his viral interview last month with Cardi B, Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has done a sit-down with another Latinx star — Residente, aka René Pérez. The pair spoke in Residente's home, where they discussed everything from the possibility of Puerto Rico becoming a state to Sanders's plans for climate change and student debt. “Usually I drink other stuff, but I'm drinking water now because I'm with him,” Residente jokes at the beginning of the clip.

The conversation begins with a discussion about Puerto Rico, currently an unincorporated territory of the United States. “I think it is a decision for the people of Puerto Rico and there are divisions,” Sanders says, discussing the idea of Puerto Rico becoming independent. “Some people want to become independent, some people want to become a state, and some people want a new kind of territorial relationship with the United States. I think we need clarity from the people of Puerto Rico, have that debate in that island, and as president, we will honor what the people want. They want to be a state, I believe absolutely they have that right.”

Later in the video, Sanders reiterates his plans to make public college tuition-free and to cancel all student debt, then discusses the importance of dealing with climate change before it's too late. “You've got a major global crisis, and we have an idiot in the White House who thinks that climate change is not real,” he tells Residente. Sanders also talks about improving foreign policy relationships with Latin American countries, which Residente cites as one of the reasons for his interest in the senator. “What we need to do is sit down and figure out how we address the many problems, including immigration, that impact the entire hemisphere,” Sanders says. “But mostly what we need to do is treat the countries of Latin America, Mexico, Central America, with the respect that they deserve, which really has not been the case in the history of our relationships.”

Watch the full interview below.