The Peruvian rapper is bringing her indigenous culture to urban music, singing rap and trap in Quechua.

Por Lena Hansen
Octubre 13, 2020

Peruvian rapper Renata Flores Rivera, 19, is revolutionizing urban music by singing trap and rap in Quechua, and the singer has created a buzz with her unique style. From an early age she knew she would be a performer, but decided that she wouldn't sing in Spanish. Instead, she would celebrate her indigenous culture and help to preserve her native tongue by singing in Quechua, the language of her grandparents and ancestors.

Credit: Instagram/ Renata Flores Rivera

The young artist recently shared her story with Univision's Despierta América. She admitted that Quechua was a bit difficult for her to learn due to its grammar, which is very different from Spanish.

However, she knew that writing her lyrics in Quechua was an important part of honoring her heritage and bringing her culture to younger generations. She has also recorded cover songs by stars like Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys in her indigenous tongue.

Credit: Instagram/ Renata Flores Rivera

She is not only a singer, but an activist as well. Her songs talk about the importance of protecting the planet and empowering women. "Activism was already in me, just like music," she told reporter Astrid Rivera. "I wanted to talk about subjects that could be meaningful." She recognizes that music is everywhere and can bring a powerful message to the world.

"Indigenous people are present and our culture is so rich, so beautiful," she said. "You can learn so much from it and our language is so sweet. Why leave it all behind? You can spread all the lessons and knowledge of your ancestors."