The beauty brand teamed up with comedian Dee Nasty for a gorgeous, bright green eyeliner.

Por Alma Sacasa
Julio 23, 2020

This summer hasn't offered a lot of opportunities for showing off new makeup looks, but Reina Rebelde's latest product just might put some joy back into your beauty routine — even if your only plans are Zoom calls. The Latina-owned brand just released a stunning emerald green liquid eyeliner called Chiflada, inspired by founder Regina Merson's rebellious teenage years.

"If I did something that drove my mom nuts, she'd be like, 'Ay que chiflada,'" Merson tells People CHICA. "I feel like people sometimes think of it as something we're supposed to be apologetic for ... but I was always very unapologetic about it when I was in one of those moods."

Merson began her career as a bankruptcy lawyer, but decided to found Reina Rebelde in 2016 after realizing she wanted to do something more creative with her time. "I was a very hard worker when I was a lawyer, but I also thought, 'Man, if I'm gonna work this hard, why not do something that I really believe in?'" she says, noting that she still puts her legal training to use in negotiations and contracts for Reina Rebelde. "I felt a massive disservice had been done to our community, because I know, like me, a lot of other Latinos buy so much makeup, and nobody was really getting us right."

For Chiflada, the brand teamed up with Dominican comedian Dee Nasty to create “How to Be Chiflada” mantras. "She really exemplifies this fabulous, fierce woman on her own journey, carving her own path in this incredibly difficult industry," Merson says of Dee. "She has such an edge to her comedy, and she says the most outrageous things that in many ways show you kind of have to be part of our culture sometimes to really understand her vibe."

Reina Rebelde's name and products are inspired by Merson's youth in Mexico, but she would love to expand the brand to include inspiration from other Latino cultures as well. "We have one contour kit right now, but I'd like to create more of those," she says. "You really need to have access to people with different skin tones, which is not easy to have access to this year."

The events of 2020 also postponed the launch of Chiflada, but since the color is so good for summer, it didn't end up mattering too much. And in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, Merson is still thinking about the future of Reina Rebelde. "I would love to see it in front of more people than it is now —  get to a point where the word spreads more than it has," she says. "I'd love to be able to open to new territories."