The cast of the Netflix hit show chats with People Chica on what it has been like bringing Shonda Rhimes' latest project to life.

Since its release, Bridgerton spin-off Queen Charlotte has captured the heart of many show fans, with folks taking to social media to share their love for Shonda Rhimes' latest Netflix venture (which has amassed more than 22M views in its first week, per the streamer).

One fan tweeted, "[T]he last scene in Queen Charlotte has me sobbing, and i am not ashamed in the slightest. there is so much tenderness in love and in loving someone. it reminds me of that quote about how soul mates aren't just magically found. they are when 2 people choose each other & choose love."

Another wrote, "Queen Charlotte was great. I liked it better than Bridgerton."

And it seems that all the love that fans felt for the direction of the script while watching the show was also felt by the cast of the prequel series.

Scene from "Queen Charlotte" on Netflix
Netflix's "Queen Charlotte" cast on what it was like working on the prequel series.
| Credit: Netflix

Arsema Thomas, who portrays a young Lady Danbury in the show, tells People Chica, "So it was one of those amazing moments of being able to live out an arc of a character in their most pivotal moment. And as somebody who is going through something so similar, you know, it was beautiful to find parallels between me and the character like that because I think it's what drives her so much."

Golda Rosheuvel, who portrays the "present-day" Queen Charlotte, echoes Thomas' sentiment as it pertains to adding layers to her character.

"It's a wonderful journey to go on. You know, when you've created a character, and you have your back story, you know, that's the work that you do as an actor in building a character, really investing in a character," she notes.

Rosheuvel credits Rhimes' writing for the added richness the prequel series adds to her character.

Scene from "Queen Charlotte" on Netflix
Netflix's "Queen Charlotte" cast on what it was like working on the prequel series.
| Credit: Netflix

"You know, I, I thought I knew what my children look like and my husband and, you know, obviously I know what my husband looked like, but family affairs and so on. But then for Shonda to actually write the children and have 13 actors physically in front of me was, yeah, it was thrilling to be able to, you know, just add that extra layer to the character that, that I've been playing," the actress adds.

India Amarteifio, who breathes life into a young Charlotte, adds that showing the young marriage between the queen and King George III was a "great" experience to work on alongside Corey Mylchreest.

"Felt really great to work with Corey on creating this union and really understanding who these people are in kind of connection to each other and what they mean to each other," Amarteifio adds.

For the full interview of the Queen Charlotte cast, check out the video above!