In collaboration with Venus, the rapper opens up about destigmatizing beauty and encourages fans to #SayPubic.
Princess Nokia, Venus
Credit: Daniela Spector/Courtesy of Gillette Venus

Princess Nokia isn't afraid to speak up. Through her music, the New York-born rapper proudly celebrates her heritage, "Bruja" roots and now, her latest collaboration with Gillette Venus seeks to break the stigma around the word pubic.

According to a study conducted by the company, less than 18% of women feel comfortable using the word, instead opting for terms like "bikini" or "down there."

Now, with the help of an animated Princess Nokia, their viral "Pube Song" gets an update, complete with an empowering verse reminding fans to not be afraid to #SayPubic.

In an exclusive interview with People Chica, the Afro-Latina artist shared an inside look at her role in "It's Time to Care (For Your Pubic Hair)" and her feminist outlook on beauty.

Venus Gillette, Princess Nokia
Credit: Sacha Beeley/Courtesy of Gillette Venus

What is your favorite element of this campaign?

I love anything that wants to destigmatize. I think that's so radical and so feminist. And I love that I was one of the first people that came to mind, that who I am as a person and what I've represented in my career, that got someone in those beginning creative meetings to think Princess Nokia would be perfect for this.

Then I know that I've done my job correctly and I know that I've represented myself correctly, because if I'm being considered for something that immediately is in line with who I am as a person, then, wow, look at the blessings and opportunities that I've gotten, by staying true to myself, by being a champion for nonconformity.

What were your inspirations for your verse on "The Pube Song?"

Lin-Manuel Miranda mixed with The Vagina Monologues. I wanted to give high caliber off-Broadway ballad with the campiness of Disney mixed with Sylvia Plath.

Venus Gillette, Princess Nokia
Credit: Sacha Beeley/Courtesy of Gillette Venus

Women, especially those with darker hair like that of many Latinas, are oftentimes judged for having body hair. How can we open up the conversation to make it more body positive?

I think being steadfast and adamant on the idea of decolonizing our minds within the Latino and Caribbean communities, relinquishing those archaic ideals of beauty and appealing to the male gaze as a part of a standardized womanhood.

I remember being in Puerto Rico with one of my friends. She's a queer feminist artist, and she has a lot of body hair, but the most beautiful body hair I've ever seen. We were at the bar and these girls were making fun of her because her legs were hairy. She started crying, asking me, 'Can we please leave?' And I said, 'Listen, girl, let me tell you something. I am your gay mother. We have fought for our autonomy as queer people to be as visibly present and joyful in regular spaces. If you want to leave, we can leave because I will never make you want to stay somewhere that you feel uncomfortable. But forget about those girls, I say you better go dance, flail your arms and show them how beautiful your hair is.'

I'm [a] champion of educating young people about having a positive attitude and fighting adversity with radicalism, fighting adversity with comedy, fighting adversity with power, with resilience and with strength.

How do you incorporate your feminist outlook into your own beauty routine?

Unless I am doing a show, a photo shoot or a music video, I don't like to have product on my face other than oil or moisturizer, because I feel like it'll distort the hormonal balance in my face. When you wear makeup regularly, your body and your skin begins to react to the ingredients that are in it, even if it's really organic.

I know a lot of young women suffer with acne or hyperpigmentation, and they really don't feel comfortable without at least having a coat of makeup to be 'presentable' outside. It breaks my heart.

Also, just connecting with nature, being outside, getting a lot of sun, being active, running. Oh man, when you're with nature, your body glows, your vibration glows, your skin glows. You feel happy, you feel joyful, you feel grounded.