Prince Royce talks about new album, his honeymoon in Dominican Republic with Emeraude Toubia, and teaming up with Hornitos Tequila to be a mentor to Latinx youth with dreams of making it in the music industry.

Prince Royce talked to People CHICA about being nominated with wife Emeraude Toubia to the category “Parejas que encienden las redes” [Couples that heat up social media] on Premios Juventud, airing on Univision on July 18. “I'm happy with the nomination, it's something different. It wasn't a nomination that I was expecting, but it's great when people show love like that,” he says. “We're excited.”

The stunning couple — who had their dream wedding in the magical San Miguel de Allende in Mexico— spent their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. “We hadn't really planned a honeymoon. We make everything a trip. I go on tour somewhere and she comes along and we stay there two days,” the Bachata singer says. “Dominican Republic was cool. I love the food in DR, it was my grandma's 80th birthday so we had a lot of fun with my family. I ate a lot of Dominican food, the music and the culture in Dominican Republic formed who I am.”

Prince Royce y Emeraude Toubia boda

How has life changed after marriage? “The goal was always to not change much. I think everything seems pretty normal, which is a good thing!” the singer, 30, adds with a laugh.

Prince Royce also dished on teaming up with Hornitos Tequila on “A Shot Worth Taking” music mentorship campaign. “I'm really happy to be working with Hornitos because I love doing things that inspire people. I love working with non-profit organizations so we're teaming up with Hornitos and we're giving out three prizes to people who want to be singers, producers, anybody who is starting out in the music industry,” he says. “I think it's really cool because I never had anybody mentor me. I didn't have any family or friends in music, I kind of learned on the way.”


One grand prize winner and a guest will join Prince Royce in-studio in Miami to receive professional mentoring tips to help propel their music career and will also receive two tickets to an upcoming Prince Royce concert. To enter, fans must be at least 21 and visit now through July 12, 2019 and donate $10 or more to LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens. “Donations will support America's Hispanic population and LULAC's efforts to empower aspiring Hispanic Americans,” stated a press release of the campaign.

“I always try to motivate the youth to stay positive and follow their dreams,” Prince Royce tells People CHICA of his role as a mentor. “For me it's all about hustle, you can't stop, you gotta keep trying. They are going to say no, you are going to fall, you are going to have to spend your own money, you are going to have to find friends to help you, it's a constant hustle. I see friends of mine that want to make it but they stop writing songs or recording, I tell them: You gotta keep going, in anything in life, not just music.”

The artist will also be releasing a new album and going on tour this year. “I'm looking forward to seeing my fans. I haven't been on tour for a little while working on this album, which is my most ambitious album yet,” he reveals. “It's very creative, it's a different concept so I'm excited. It's still the Prince Royce that people know and love, but with every album you gotta push the envelope, you gotta take it to the next level.”