Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Febrero 07, 2017
Prince Royce
Credit: Mezcalent

Prince Royce started out in the show business at a young age, and now he will judge and mentor children, who like him have a dream and would fight for them, in the new reality TV series Pequeños Gigantes USA (Univisión).

Although he has grown up… Prince says that he is still a kid.

“I love video games, Xbox, Playstation, Call of Duty; I love Mario, Little Mario Run, Pokemon Go, so I think that in the sense of video games, I'm still a kid,” the singer confessed to MezcalTV.

As a new judge in the competition, the “Darte un beso” singer will take part in selecting the young talent and guiding them in their future, the same way that some teachers guided him while he was growing up.

“I had a teacher in the sixth grade, who was a young teacher. He was about 22 years old when he was my professor and we stay in contact [contact]. [Sometimes] we go out to dinner or for a drink. ”

Royce said that the first thing these children should know before they start in the entertainment world is that: it will not be easy.

“The hardest part of working in the media is being in a good mood when you're in a bad mood; Maybe not having a personal life, maybe taking a picture when you don't want to take a picture. But that's what it's all about, being there for the public, working and traveling the world, even if it's a lot of sacrifice to be away from home, or away from your friends, your family… but that's the American dream and it's always a blessing.”