The singer was diagnosed 14 days ago and has had mild symptoms of the virus.

Before everyone took part in July 4 festivities this past weekend, Prince Royce shared with his fans that he has tested positive for coronavirus. "I was diagnosed with COVID-19 and I am on day number 12 since my symptoms began," he wrote on Instagram. "My case has been mild and I am feeling well. "I share this with you today to ask you please not let down your guard — this virus is very real and we can have it and spread it without even knowing. I didn’t think I had it as I didn’t feel that bad and had I not gotten tested I would be spreading it to others."

"This holiday weekend please maintain social distancing, use masks, if you don’t have to leave home to work or get together with others, don’t do it," he continued. "For younger people, this is more than just about taking care of ourselves, it is about taking care of others, older people and those with compromised immune systems. Please let’s take this seriously and act responsibly and with compassion. Let’s all take care of each other."

Last month, the singer encouraged fans to stay safe with one of his own Prince Royce masks, the proceeds of which went toward helping families in need in the Bronx.