The bachata star talks about holiday plans, married life, and wanting a baby with his wife, Emeraude Toubia.


Prince Royce is counting his blessings in 2020. The bachata crooner just broke the record for the most weeks in the number-one spot of Billboard's Tropical Airplay chart with the song "Carita de Inocente." "I'm shocked, it was a pleasant surprise for me," he tells People CHICA. "Seeing that this bachata song broke [the record] is an honor. It's something that represents my culture, my genre. It feels good to do something you love and see that it's becoming part of history and a legacy."

Doing a tribute to bachata icon Juan Luis Guerra with Leslie Grace at the Latin Grammys was also a highlight of his 2020, and he looks forward to a possible collaboration with the Dominican American bachata princess. "I really enjoy working with Leslie, she has a lot of talent," he says. "She comes from a similar upbringing, I've met her parents. I think we should work on something in the future."

Prince Royce
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Even though he describes 2020 as a "rollercoaster for all of us," overcoming COVID-19 in the beginning of the year was a great life lesson. "It was an eye-opener for me and my fans. I'm happy I was able to get through it. It switched something in my head and made me see things differently in general," he shares. "This year I've done things to try to make a change, whether it was singing at the DNC, doing a TED Talk or working with organizations. I did things this year that made me feel like I could make a change. I hope everyone can find a light as well coming into the new year. Next year is the time to get our priorities straight, focus on ourselves, focus on our goals and our families."

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The singer, 31, says he has gone through "many phases of quarantine," filling the time by recording TikTok videos, making cocktails at home, playing video games, and hitting the gym. "I spent a lot of time with my family, my dad has been staying over," he says. "I'm going to spend Christmas with my wife's family in Mexico. I've been doing a lot of work stuff, too. I've been recording at home. It's been a productive time, an interesting time. I'm ready to go out and hopefully go on tour again and see my fans."

When it comes to married life, this "has been a time to really support each other on personal and career goals," he says about his wife, actress Emeraude Toubia. "We should feel blessed to spend the holidays with the people we love, today more than ever."

Prince Royce
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Having kids is on the couple's wish list, though there are no firm plans as yet. "It's something I definitely want to do," he says. "I don't know how soon, but it's definitely something that's on our mind. For now he's focused on helping kids in need in the Bronx, where he grew up, by donating funds to the charity Fundación Niño de la Caridad. "Kids are really important, they need attention. Growing up I was in a few programs at school that kept me out of trouble, whether it was arts and crafts programs or a band after school," he shares. "We worked with that organization in New York and helped to raise money for computers. It feels good. I gave a private seminar online with 29 kids where they all asked questions. If I can help someone achieve their goals, I think it's a blessing."