Prince Royce talks about his upcoming album Alter Ego, which finds him exploring more aspects of his personality than ever before.

Prince Royce talked to People CHICA about his new album, upcoming tour, and how he plans to celebrate a decade in music this year. The bachata crooner‘s sixth studio album Alter Ego, out Friday, includes collaborations with artists like DaniLeigh, Maluma, Marc Anthony, and Wisin y Yandel. “I signed at 18, I was already on the radio at 19,” Royce recalls. “It’s a feeling of pride and being fulfilled. I feel that I’ve accomplished so much, but there is a hunger in me to continue. I want to be here another 10 years. I feel very blessed, very happy to be here, and I’m hungrier than ever.”

Alter Ego is a double album, composed of two discs: Genesis and Enigma. “This is the album I have wanted to give my fans for years, one that shows who I am as a singer-songwriter expressed as never before,” he said in a statement. Genesis explores Royce’s romantic bachata sound, while the singer’s “flip side” or alter ego is explored on Enigma, where he “experiments with different musical worlds.” Genesis, which honors Royce’s “beginning,” was recorded in the Dominican Republic. “I wanted to go back to my roots,” he says.

The second disc, Enigma, has R&B, reggaeton, pop, and Spanglish songs. “That’s the alter-ego vibe. You are going to hear me sounding very different, with different registers vocally,” he adds. “Everyone has different versions of themselves, whether you are at work, with your girl, or with your friends. It’s a double album that explores that. The cover is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, and this whole album is very focused on art.”

The record includes the collaborations “Pull Up” (with DaniLeigh), “Adicto” (Marc Anthony), “El Clavo” (Maluma), “Cúrame” (Manuel Turizo), “Trampa” (Zion y Lennox), and “Una Aventura” (Wisin y Yandel). “My first time on TV was imitating Wisin and Yandel on Don Francisco’s show,” Royce says about the Puerto Rican reggaeton duo. “I was, like, 16. It’s crazy how I went from imitating them on Sábado Gigante to recording with them and being friends with them, doing a music video with them. It’s a very powerful message for the fans that anything really is possible.”

Working with DaniLeigh was a treat. “I love her. There are not that many Dominicans recording in English and I really respect what she is doing. That song with Chris Brown has been very successful and I love her vibe and her message,” he says. “That song is a bachata and R&B fusion. It’s dope to be able to mix these worlds together and we are both from a similar background.”

The collaborations with Maluma and Marc Anthony were a blast, he says. “With Maluma, we were literally kicking it. We had plans to go to the beach and chill and he said, ‘Let’s do the record.’ It was just homies having fun. The Marc Anthony song was very organic as well. He said he wanted to do a bachata. When you do music like that with friends, just hanging out and having drinks, I think it’s super cool. It’s not forced. This has been a really fun experience.”

The Dominican American star, 30, will also kick off his Alter Ego tour March 4 in Seattle, ultimately performing in over 40 cities in the United States including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York. His wife, actress Emeraude Toubia, will join him for some tour dates. “She will come on tour whenever she can and I’ll go out there whenever I can,” he says about the home they share in California. “It’s easy to stay in touch with FaceTime and texting. When you want do do something you can make it happen.” No matter how busy his work schedule gets, there is always time for a little fun. The adventurous singer just got his skydiving and scuba diving licenses. “It was a bucket list thing and I proved to myself that I could do it,” he says. “I really want to challenge myself to do new things.”