Find out how you can harness the powerful energy of the number 11 and how these numbers can help you create a new reality.

From eclipse season to powerful portals, 2022 has been a big year of manifestation and change.

Every year, on November 11, a gateway opens that connects us to a "doorway" to a higher realm where we are more open to creating and transforming a new reality.

If harnessed correctly, the energy of the 11/11 portal can help you maximize your wishes and set new intentions for your life just before the end of this year. We've gathered three important factors to consider when taking advantage of the power of these numbers.

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The meaning in Numerology

According to numerology, the 11/11 portal has two meanings: one related to the number 1 and one related to number 11.

The number 1, also known as the "Sun" number is associated with beginnings, empowerment, choices and new intentions. Meanwhile, the number 11 is a master number that is known for symbolizing blessings, enlightenment and high vibrations. It can also symbolize a message from the universe that everything is in order.

It's a time for transformation: Connect With Yourself

If you've been seeing the number 11 or 11:11 often then you could be on a twin flames path or your path to enlightenment, according to Astrotalk.

Use this time to connect with yourself, your desires, nature and personal needs to ensure your energy is grounded. The more you learn to center yourself, the more you will be able to take steps toward your desired life.

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Quit Overthinking and Trust

Letting go of patterns of overthinking or worrying can be easier said than done, however, when you stop obsessing over thoughts, you raise your vibrations. Today, set some time apart to do the things you like. Take a walk, be conscious on your words and journal.

Practice the art of letting go and trusting that the universe has your back at all times. Even if it doesn't feel like it, or you can't see it yet, everything is working out in your favor.