In this week's #APPsolutely, People Chica is bringing you five apps that'll keep you on top of your game in the new year.

The tech and mobile world is brimming with tons of apps that want to help make your life simple.

From apps that help you track your health to apps that find the cheapest gas prices in your area, the below five apps are here to give you all the power over your day and life.

For our final #APPsolutely of 2021, People Chica is highlighting five apps that will positively influence your day-to-day.

Close up of teenage girl in bedroom using smart phone
Credit: Getty Images / The Good Brigade

Clue (iOS & Android) Free

Menstruation apps are a dime a dozen. This mighty little app will not only help you track your period, but also explain to you why certain symptoms occur within the body. This app was created by three women and supports over 12 million users in over 190 different countries. They also work alongside leading universities to help advance female health studies.

Zocdoc (iOS & Android) Free

This app wants to put you, the patient, first. This one-stop-shop allows for users to find local doctors under their individual insurances—removing the guesswork out of "shopping" around for doctors. You can also book your appointments, fill out paperwork and see verified reviews on all the listed doctors right from the app.

Pocket (iOS & Android) Free

Got a busy day ahead and want to bookmark some articles? Save them to Pocket and come back when you're ready at the end of the day. The app also uses an algorithm to give you suggestions on things you might also want to read from leading news sites.

Crunchyroll (iOS & Android) Free

With the rise in popularity of Asian TV programming, more and more folks have been trying to find new ways to get their fix on everything from K-dramas to Anime and Manga. Crunchyroll has everything anyone will ever need to satisfy their Asian TV cravings.

GasBuddy (iOS & Android) Free

Finding cheap gas oftentimes requires a lot of guesswork and driving around. GasBuddy wants to remove that from the equation and help save you money and mileage in the process. This app provides users with tools like a gas price map, a trip cost calculator, a fuel logbook, vehicle recalls and an outage tracker during natural disasters.