This week's podcast playlist is here to help you strengthen the bonds that make up your everyday life, including the one with yourself.


Libra season is here, and it's all about working on our relationships, not just romantic ones. This is an excellent time to work on your connections with yourself, your friends, family, and everyone around you.

To help you identify those areas where you need work and expansion, we've curated our weekly podcast playlist to get expert perspectives on the bonds we have and how we can work on ourselves to be better individuals.

These podcasts—in English and Spanish—are here to bring you a newfound point of view, advice, and tips toward taking new steps in your relationships. So, grab your headphones, speaker or crank up the radio in your car and tune in. Enjoy!

  1. Sanando con armonía

Our healing processes always begin with ourselves. Host Natalia Becerra Ulloa has created this space in Spanish to help you navigate your healing journey and gain consciousness by reflecting on your current reality. She hopes that you will get to know, understand, and take care of yourself so that you may improve your life.

2. El rincón de la espiritualidad 

Host Esteban Ace wants to help us apply spiritual concepts to our everyday life. No, this is not a woo-woo podcast. Each episode in Spanish brings practical exercises, real-life experiences, guests, and self-analysis. The hope of this podcast is for self-improvement that will spill over into our relationships.

3. Sexópolis 

It's time to let go of taboos and get answers to the issues we face inside and outside the bedroom. Paulina Millán and Jon Altamirano tackle essential themes, including sexuality, attraction, love, and relationships. The episodes in Spanish are informative and bring forth evidence-based tips, advice, and more.  

4. Small Things Often

Take five minutes or less each day to give your relationships a boost. From the Gottman Institute, Small Things Often is a podcast that brings snackable advice to help deepen and improve our bonds. Each podcast in English is less than five minutes long and goes through emotional coaching, parenting, financial vision, forgiveness, and more.

5. Love and Abuse

Do you find yourself engaged in relationships that leave you feeling drained? It could be your friendships, family, love, or even work. Host Paul Colaianni hosts this podcast in English to help you identify toxic communication, manipulation, and emotional abuse so that you may stop them in their tracks.