Pitbull talks about his uplifting new song and stopping the spread of fear during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Por Lena Hansen
Abril 13, 2020

Pitbull is a master at turning a negative into a positive, and that's more important than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. The Cuban American rapper talked to People CHICA about his uplifting new single "I Believe That We Will Win," made in collaboration with Haim Saban's record label Saban Music Group.

"The idea came about when someone that is very close to me showed me the chant of 'I believe' at a basketball game and the whole arena was going crazy," he recalls. "He said, 'I think the chant is amazing, I did this beat to it. Tell me what you think.' When I heard it, I said, 'I think this is exactly what the world needs right now.' The world needs to believe that they are going to fight through this, not only believe it, but know we are going to fight through this and show how resilient human beings really are."

Credit: Randall Slavin

“You know what spreads faster than any virus? Is fear / And when it comes to fear, you can either forget everything and run, or you can face everything and rise,” the lyrics say. “Let me tell you what I believe / I believe we will face everything and rise.” All proceeds from the new track will be donated to various charities around the world to help with COVID-19 relief efforts. "We are picking certain foundations that we know get the job done," the singer says of collaborating with nonprofits like the Tony Robbins Foundation and Feeding America. "We are getting involved with those who are creating solutions for the future of pandemics, because this is the first and this isn't the last," adds the star, born Armando Christian Pérez.

"Your mind is a very powerful thing and I always say: 'Mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter.' With everything that is going on right now, you go on your phone and they are talking about the virus, on the TV they are talking about the virus, wherever you go the virus is right in front of your face, so it's hard to keep your mind strong," he admits. "It's hard to keep you on your fight mode, so when I heard this record I felt it was perfect for the world right now." The singer also encouraged his Instagram followers to send a video of themselves expressing their faith to BelieveAnthem2020.com, to spread hope and love rather than fear.

Credit: Randall Slavin

"The strategy behind the video is to incorporate a call to action that will invite artists, musicians, and entertainers alike to participate," a press release states. "Let's show the world how powerful it is when we come together to fight for one cause — that's called life," Pitbull said when he teased the new song.

"As Pitbull said it best, 'Now is the time to face everything and rise.' I am humbled to be part of this movement that unites everyone, even though we must stay apart to win the war against this disease," Haim Saban tells People CHICA. "Pitbull knows how to inspire, and collaborating with him on this project was something I knew I had to do."