The Cuban American rapper is donating fitness machines to his SLAM charter schools so that his students can continue to build on their foundation of total wellness.

Por Lena Hansen
Diciembre 01, 2020

As part of his commitment to improving the lives of students at his SLAM charter schools, Pitbull is collaborating with CLMBR, a leader in connected fitness technology. The Grammy winner and entrepreneur, 39, invested in CLMBR equipment; the collaboration will provide state-of-the-art vertical climbing machines — and full, unlimited access to the brand's on-demand, instructor-led fitness content — to SLAM! Public Charter Schools across the country.

Pitbull helped start SLAM! — a network of tuition-free public charter K-12 schools serving students who seek careers in the sports leadership and management industries — in 2013 in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, where he grew up.

Credit: Randall Slavin

"It's an honor to be involved with a great group of investors at CLMBR, as we've all climbed our way to the top," says the Cuban American singer, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez. "What caught my eye about CLMBR is its unique workout, it reminds me of performing on stage. I know people are going to enjoy this new way of working out at home."

Credit: Randall Slavin

The "I Believe That We Will Win" singer talked to People en Español about his positive mentality. "You have to live life, not let life live you," he says. "I always look for the solution. When you grow up with people who assure you things will be resolved, that helps. My mom was a very positive person, so were my grandmother and my aunt."

Credit: Randall Slavin

Coming from a family of Cuban immigrants who left the island in search of the American dream motivated him to succeed. "When all of these things happen in your family and you leave a Communist country and they tell you, 'Hey, here in the United States you have freedom, the opportunity to create your own destiny and future,' you go pa’ lante. You forget everything else, you overcome the challenges. Every day above ground is a good day."