There are two ahijadas left in the race to be included in People en Español's 25 Most Powerful Women list. Which one is your favorite? Vote here!

Natti Natasha, Selenis Leyva, Amara La Negra, María Elena Salinas, and Joy Huerta are People en Español’s Madrinas of 2020. They each selected an ahijada they admire to be recognized, but only one will be featured in the magazine’s 25 Most Powerful Women list. You voted online for your favorites and there are only two finalists left!

Natti Natasha’s ahijada Michelle Matos, Selenis Leyva’s ahijada Marizol Leyva, and Joy Huerta’s ahijada Eréndira Ibarra are no longer in the race. However, Amara La Negra’s ahijada, singer Gloria “Goyo” Martínez, and María Elena Salinas’s ahijada, Astrid Silva, still need your votes and support.

Poderosas 2020 Madrinas y ahijadas

Dominican American singer Amara La Negra chose Gloria “Goyo” Martinez, the lead singer of the Colombian band ChocQuibTown, as her goddaughter. “I admire her a lot as a person and as an artist,” Amara says about Goyo, who is from El Chocó. “She empowers women with her message, with her social media. She is humble, she likes helping others. She has worked hard and is pursuing her dreams.”

Renowned Mexican TV host María Elena Salinas chose DREAMer and immigration activist Astrid Silva as her goddaughter. “She inspires other DREAMers and other members of her community to also use their voices and to never give up,” Salinas says about Silva, who the executive director of the nonprofit organization DREAM Big Nevada, which helps immigrant families fight for their rights.

Which of these two ahijadas do you think should be featured on People en Españols list of the 25 Most Powerful Women? Vote for your favorite here! The winner will be announced this Friday, February 14 at 5 p.m.