Gaby Espino y Elizabeth Gutiérrez
Credit: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images for People en Espanol (2)

Once again, People en Espanol celebrated the most powerful Hispanic women of the year with a luncheon. At the Hyatt Hotel in Coral Gables, special invitees came together including Maria Elena Salinas, who left her mark on stage with a speech filled of female empowerment. Gaby Espino also introduced her “goddaughter” Lele Pons, the queen of social media. They both gifted each other flowers and said they were an inspiration to one another.

“Being a powerful woman is having dreams, goals, purposes and a lot of desire to fight for those goals and those purposes. That is the greatest power we have,” says Espino, who finds inspiration in her children. “I am a powerful mom. I am very happy with my children.”

Another powerful businesswoman and mom who accompanied us was Elizabeth Gutierrez. “Being a mother is a magical and unique power that women have. Also being an entrepreneur; not being afraid makes a woman powerful,” says founder of the beauty line Ely. The Mexican-American actress says she is happy at this stage with William Levy. “You have to feel powerful in love too, to feel good in your surroundings, to feel the support of your partner,” adds the Cuban actress, who made a cameo in the movie El fantasma de mi novia. “They left me wanting more. I enjoyed it a lot,” she says of this scene she filmed in the Dominican Republic.

Pamela Silva Conde was also present at the luncheon and spoke on one of her passions. “I'm addicted to ballroom dancing, it's been a new challenge. I already learned the chachachá, the rumba. I'm learning waltz, foxtrot, tango, and salsa,” says the Primer Impacto co-presenter (Univisión), who is currently taking dance classes. And what about her husband, the TV executive César Conde? “He has a good rhythm, he does not dance as well as I do, but he does his best,” she says about the President of NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises, who also accompanied us at lunch.

Puerto Rican psychologist Luz Towns-Mirada, and mother of award-winning actor and writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, is also on the list this year and spoke of the importance of empowering new generations. “For me, the most important thing is to recognize what children's emotional needs are and to try to support them, recognize them, be there and provide them with what they need so they can push forward,” she said.

We look forward to next year!