Cari Garcia of Fat Girl Hedonist shares her tips on how to plan an unforgettable party that won't leave you super stressed.

Party planning can be a mission, especially if you're expecting your nitpicky tías to show up.

Whether you're planning a grand Easter celebration for your family or are just looking for simple party-planning tips to bookmark for later, we've gathered five tips that you can take to the bank.

People Chica asked Cari Garcia of for some of her tips and tricks for planning the perfect Easter celebration that won't leave you pulling your moños after it's all said and done. Check out what she said below!

Cari Garcia of Fatgirl Hedonist
Credit: Cari Garcia of Fatgirl Hedonist

Prep Ahead

While we know that the thrill of procrastination is fun for many, Garcia notes that it's best to avoid leaving everything for the day of. That this is definitely not the moment to turn into a multitasking maven on the day of.

"Whatever you can cook ahead of time, do it the day (or two) before! This goes for your desserts like Carrot Cake and big-batch cocktails like sangria. This helps knock some things off your to-do list for the day of [the event]," she explains.

Garcia adds, "The more you can prep and get done the day before, the more you'll be able to be in the moment with your loved ones on Easter."

Pastel-inspired Decor

Figuring out how to decorate your space can sometimes prove to be a daunting task for many, but the Latina of Cuban and Colombian descent explains that you don't need much to liven up a space.

"For Easter, fresh pastel-colored flowers always liven up a space. Spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths can brighten any space in a snap," the content creator explains.

She also notes that if you're short on time and can't make it out to get flowers or don't trust your planning committee to pick out a bouquet, that using "pastel-colored table runners and/or table covers" can do wonders.

Easter eggs table decoration, spring home decor
Cari Garcia of Fatgirl Hedonist discusses how to plan a fast and simple Easter celebration.
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Easy-to-prep Appetizers

Everyone knows that the pièce de résistance at any family function is the food—often making it the most stressful part of the planning. Garcia's pro tip is to keep it simple.

"The easiest snack I love to serve is queso frito! Cut up some queso de freir into bite-size cubes, fry them for a few seconds, and serve with some guava marmalade. This is the perfect snack and a crowd favorite," the recipe developer asserts.

Related to some vegans? Fret not, Garcia's got something for vegans, too.

"Looking for an easy appetizer that's also vegan? Tostones topped with pico de gallo are always a hit. The pico de gallo can be made ahead of time and the tostones take only a few minutes to cook," the proud mamá of one adds. 

Batch cocktails are the way to go

We all know that the tías love to sip on a little something at fiestas familiares, so Garcia suggests making a batch cocktail so you're not glued to the kitchen every time la tía who chugs finishes her drink.

"I love sangrias! They can (and should) be made ahead of time and are so easy to put together.  Other Easter favorites are guava mimosas and if the crowd you're hosting needs a drink with a good kick then I recommend some guava margaritas," the freelance photographer says.

Sangria in red and white
Cari Garcia of Fatgirl Hedonist discusses how to plan a fast and simple Easter celebration.
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Remember to take a break

When all is said and done, always remember to take some downtime—you deserve to rest, too.

"Breathe and relax," Garcia asserts.

"The dishes aren't going anywhere, give yourself a moment to catch your breath. Sip some leftover sangria and maybe grab some of the kids' Cadbury eggs while they're not looking. Kick your feet up for a second and pat yourself on the back for being a great host/hostess," the content creator concludes.