Chilean American urban music princess Paloma Mami is back with "Goteo."

Por Lena Hansen
Mayo 01, 2020

Paloma Mami enters a virtual world of street-fighting in her new music video "Goteo," which is styled to look like a video game. In it, the Chilean American singer, 20, transforms into a superhero with blue hair and a robot-like outfit. In the bilingual lyrics, the rapper challenges various opponents and always comes out victorious, singing about being "too much" for those who dare to pursue her romantically.

“My favorite part is always creating the ideas for music videos. For ‘Goteo,’ when I heard the finished track, I don’t know why the only thing I imagined was a video game and karate-chopping people. It was like a perfect theme song to an action video game, so we reached out to the Movement, an Argentinian production company I’ve worked with before, and I loved how the project turned out, so I knew I could trust them with my idea," she says. "Just like that, they made it all come to life! Had a bunch of wardrobe malfunctions, dripping sweat in a latex suit, two days of rehearsals, fighting with a WWE wrestler, an expert in martial arts and tae kwon do, and of course the Movement made me look like the coolest of them all.”

(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

The song — written by Paloma Mami and the song’s producer El Guincho — is the sixth single from her upcoming debut album and fuses urban beats with futuristic sounds. "I kind of had this concept for a song that I wanted to do for a while and I would try to execute it in other songs, but it never really worked out," she said. "But as soon as I heard Guincho play the track with it having a sound that reminded me of water dripping, I knew it was meant to be for the concept of ‘Goteo.’ 'Goteo' basically means how fly, fresh someone is, and the track was super, super fly and a fresh new sound, so it fit perfectly!”