Ozuna and Sech join forces in the new music video "Si Te Vas" and their fusion is explosive.


Ozuna and Sech's new music video “Si Te Vas” is on fire! In just a few hours, the clip has garnered over 4 million views. Filmed in New York City, the video celebrates the Big Apple with scenes of Sech riding on the subway and singing with Ozuna with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. The new track — produced by Dimelo Flow and written by Sech, Dimelo Flow, Josh Méndez, Simón and Ozuna — can get any party started! The Latin Grammy nominees continue the trend of Latinx artists recording collaborations together.

The lyrics are fun and catchy, warning a girlfriend that if she leaves she can get two other lovers and still won't feel complete, because her current love is unique and irreplaceable. The video also has a Matrix feel, with lookalike models dressed in black standing under umbrellas in the rain, and a creepy dentist that sedates his patient with a mysterious gas. Another fun highlight is seeing the Ozuna pose as a priest while his ‘girlfriend' goes to confession and spills her love drama without suspecting the Puerto Rican reggaeton star is hearing it.

The music video has gotten lots of love from fans and colleagues. Wisin and J Balvin both commented on Sech's Instagram post of the clip. “Fuegooooo,” J Balvin raved, while Wisin echoed his sentiment with fire emojis.