Reggaeton star Ozuna wrote about the successes and challenges he faced this year.

This week Ozuna looked back at his intense 2019 in a heartfelt Instagram post. The reggaeton star, 27, shared a video collage highlighting his accomplishments this year and reflected on the lessons he learned. “Goodbye 2019, you taught me a lot, you hurt me a lot, but you made me stronger,” he wrote in the caption. “Thanks to God almighty for being my father, my only friend and my warrior. I love you, God. Thanks to my family, whom I love more than myself. Thanks to my fans, without you I would be nothing.”

He also sent an end-of-year message to his haters. “Greetings to my haters, I owe you a lot,” he wrote. The video highlights the singer’s busy year and his many professional accomplishments. It shows Ozuna getting out of his private jet, posing for photographers on a red carpet, performing for fans all over the world, appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, receiving various awards, and interacting with fans in Times Square. “Thanks to my work team, I love you. I don’t know how many awards I’ve received,” he continued, “but the best one is to be loved by you and for you to listen to my music”.

Ozuna y esposa

Besides releasing his album Nibiru, the Puerto Rican star left his mark on the big screen as well, with acting credits in the comedy Que León 2 and the upcoming Fast & Furious 9. He will kick off the new year with his Nibiru tour, and assured People CHICA that he has his priorities straight and is not bothered by criticism. “I have a lot of things to do to be focused on the negative comments,” he said. “Blessings. Keep enjoying yourselves making comments while I keep working. The audience and family are my main priorities,” he concluded. “As an artist, pleasing the public is always my main concern.” Cheers to 2020!