Learn to harness your intuitive powers this #MondayMotivation with these interactive oracle and tarot card decks.

Card decks are all the rave nowadays.

What was once a practice thought to be exclusive to the occult, has now become a powerful tool to help us understand our unconscious mind and hone our intuitive powers.

Finding the right cards for yourself can be overwhelming, which is why this #MondayMotivation we've picked out three of our favorites for you to get started with.

Oracle Cards
Credit: Getty Images

Tarot de las Musas

A tarot deck like you've never seen before, El Tarot de las Musas, features 22 beautifully illustrated cards by Isa Muguruza and Horoscopo Negro.

The cards reimagine the Major Arcana of traditional tarot with inspirational illustrations and a guidebook that explains each card.

Whether you're an experienced reader or just starting, this deck will rank as one of your favorites.

PlayPauseBe Yoga Deck

This yoga deck will help you guide your practice in a more grounded and independent way. Shuffle the cards, find your flow and become more present than ever before.

The deck is organized with 82 illustrated poses within nine categories, a unique sequencing system, explanations of the benefits of each pose and level of difficulty so you can remix your sessions as you go.

Additionally, the cards feature chakra indications per pose and offer intention cards to supplement your practice.

Moonology Oracle Cards

Created by award-winning astrologer, Yasmin Boland, the best-selling card deck showcases how the moon cycles can affect our health, mood, relationships and everyday life.

Boland reveals how connecting with the moon can change your life, rituals and ceremonies for each moon phase, how to connect with the moon as well as affirmations and visualizations.

Credit: Courtesy of Moonology Oracle Cards