The Colombian artist's new video comes after the release of his hits "Perreo Sano" and "Snicker."

Por Alma Sacasa
Agosto 13, 2020
Credit: Courtesy

Nobeat just released his new single "Vámonos," and it's the perfect song to close out the summer. "It's a rumbera song and it talks about when you like someone and you want to make plans to go out, and if your ex comes looking for you you'll turn them down because of the magic," the 21-year-old tells People CHICA. "It's a song that [was] inspired by me going out with my friends, flirting, and it's a song for everyone."

The Colombian artist loves to make music for people to sing and dance to, but also hopes that his sound stands out as unique. "I always think about making songs that my friends can enjoy, that reflects the Latin and Colombian language I have in my head," he says. "Always putting myself up for the challenge of doing something different."

The "Vámanos" video is filled with lots of neon colors and tons of dancing. "It is more about transmitting emotions, and transmitting a contrast between a melancholic position," he says of the video's concept. "When it goes out to nature and the sun, it's that concept between soft and high." In any case, it'll get you on your feet.

Nobeat grew up in Santa Marta, Colombia surrounded by music, which has influenced his sound today. "I started at an early age, at five playing the violin and then at seven years old playing the piano," he recalls. "Thirteen years ago I began as a producer in commercial music."

His recent focus has been on his new single, but he has spent much of the coronavirus quarantine trying to relax. "I think it is like a test for us all to try to change the routine a little," he says. "I have tried to be a little calmer and not pressure myself. [There's] so much pressure from the environment and what's going on, and all that pressure can block you."

Nobeat hopes to work with artists like Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Rosalía in the future, but for now he wants to contribute as much as he can to the genre on his own. "The main goal is to try to give my all, to try to see what can be done to enrich the genre," he explains. "Also, to see what I can give with my style. There are many styles that people don't know about so the goal is to bridge that gap and showcase them."

Watch "Vámonos" below.