The new song comes after the release of "Blaze" last month.

On Friday, Panamanian rapper Nino Augustine released his new single "Sensación," which has a Caribbean vibe. "I'm always tapping into Caribbean sounds," he tells People CHICA. "This one is very like zouk and kizomba, oriented with elements of dancehall and a splash of reggaeton with the flows and stuff. I'm always trying to see what's new out there sound-wise, and just trying something different."

For the new song, he worked alongside the Puerto Rican duo Domino Saints the Texas-based producer Sines. "I had the record for a while with Sines, he sent me the beat maybe like two years ago," he says. "We were chilling in the studio in New York and I played [Domino Saints] the record and they loved it."

The video, which was filmed in Miami by Jorge Arroyo, is filled with neon lights and dance club vibes. "We had scheduled for the video to be shot outside on this boat," Nino recalls. "I was only there for one day and it stormed like crazy so we had to call off the whole idea. We just had to shoot indoors. We were like, 'Let's just get creative and see what can come out of this.' We shot it in the videographer's house in his home studio."

This new song comes less than a month after his last single "Blaze," proving that Augustine is always on the grind, even in the midst of a pandemic. "For artists like me this is the perfect time to put out more content, and for it to be on a balanced, even playing field," he shares. "I don't have to have this huge budget to be able to really get in the mix of things. I'm really trying to take advantage of that and just drop as much content as I potentially can. I do have a project that's finished and we're just trying to figure out what is going to be the best way to release that."

As an independent artist, Nino looks for inspiration everywhere, and being in quarantine has only fueled his musical fire. "I've stayed creative because I always record from home except for when I'm traveling," he explains. "I have a home studio and I record myself, it's very intimate. I also stay inspired by watching interviews on YouTube, concerts on YouTube — YouTube is like my best friend. I bought this bike and I've been riding my bike and working out a bit. I'm pretty good at [staying] inspired. I always keep that balance."