Panamanian rapper Nino Augustine shared a new video filmed in Brooklyn, New York.

Nino Augustine released his new single “Miéntete” on Friday, and it will definitely liven up your Valentine’s Day. Directed and produced by Nilo Tabrizy and Mae Ryan, the colorful video — filmed in Brooklyn — takes you from a pet store to a female-run trap house.

The song shows a more romantic side of the Panamanian rapper, with lyrics about a lover who gives mixed signals. “You make it hard to love so you run / There is no eraser for you to delete me,” the song says. “‘Miéntete’ is a look at unavailability and what pulls people in different directions. … In a twist, we find out that his love is putting her underground work before romance,” the press release states.


Born in the barrio of San Miguelito in Panama, Nino moved to the United States when he was eight years old. His unique sound fuses Southern hip-hop and reggaeton while paying tribute to Panamanian music. “I’m not scared to say that this genre — a genre that has its early beginning stages in Panama — has been whitewashed,” Augustine told People CHICA last year. “More artists of color need the focus, not just once every 10 years. … Give us the platform we deserve and the respect we deserve.”


His musical influences are rich and varied. “I grew up listening to not just reggae en Español but also Jamaican reggae, and music from Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago. We are close to Colombia, so my grandfather loved vallenato.”


He was also influenced by American urban music. “When I arrived [from Panama] to the tristate area, to New Jersey, G-Unit and 50 Cent were in control of the scene, but when I moved to Atlanta, Young Jeezy was controlling the streets. You would see cars with huge rims of all colors. This was during the trap boom. Gucci Mane was also out in the streets.” As music becomes more global, he wants to represent the dualities of his influences. “I know that my music will continue to evolve,” he said.

Watch “Miéntete” below.