The singer also talks about his new single "Polvo" with Myke Towers and being part of the upcoming Tom & Jerry movie.

Por Lena Hansen
Noviembre 30, 2020

Nicky Jam is having a busy 2020. The singer talked to People CHICA about his new single "Polvo" with Puerto Rican reggatonero Myke Towers. "Myke Towers for me is one of the most promising artists, he can be as big as Bad Bunny. He has a great voice, melody; he is a great rapper, I respect him a lot," he says. The song will be part of Nicky Jam's new album Infinity, to be released in January.

He is also excited about being part of the new animated Tom & Jerry movie. "For me it's a dream," he says about playing Butch, a stray black cat. The singer says his dad is just as proud of him being part of the Tom & Jerry movie as anything else, joking that co-starring with Vin Diesel and Will Smith in his previous films doesn't come close to this feat in his father's eyes. "He says none of those guys are as big as Tom & Jerry!"

Credit: Erick Fernando Quituizaca

The singer's kids are also looking forward to seeing him on the big screen in 2021. He is part of Kevin Hart's new film American Sole, also featuring Bad Bunny, and will share credits with Ozuna in Tom & Jerry. "I'm the best dad in the world," Nicky Jam says. "I'm the dad that loves his kids, that tries to give his kids the life he couldn't have. I'm the dad that gives it all for his kids." The 39-year-old reggaetonero, who is engaged to model Cydney Moreau, says he has no plans to have more children for now but hasn't completely ruled it out. "Whatever God says."

His wedding is on hold now due to COVID-19 restrictions. "We are happy, but with the current situation of the pandemic the wedding is on pause for now," he says. "There are many people in both of our families who have a delicate age and can't take risks. There is no rush. Love is not a wedding, love is two hearts that love one another. As soon as life goes back to normal, we'll set a date."

Credit: Erick Fernando Quituizaca

Spending Christmas with his family in Colombia will be a great way to close out 2020. "This is the best stage of my life," the singer reflects. "I'm an artist who is already established, has a respected brand, people love me, my kids are older, they are spending time with me and enjoying this moment. I'm still creating music that people love after 25 years. I'm happy. My plan is to have a long trayectoria, so people can say: Nicky Jam never dropped it."