The singer shared a photo of himself alone on Valentine's Day.

Nicky Jam proposed to Cydney Moreau on Valentine's Day of 2020. "The best Valentine's of my life. I love you @cydrrose," he wrote on Instagram. "I hope we last until we're old. I'm the happiest man in the world and no one is going to change that." A year later, he posted a photo of himself spending Valentine's Day alone after breaking off his engagement to the American model. The reggaetonero, of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, confirmed he is now single again. "We are not together," he said on the radio show Flow Urbano. "When I leave, I don't go back. When I end something it's because there is nothing there."

He said the pandemic and the tensions of life in quarantine played a part in their breakup. "The situation of the pandemic, of quarantine, affected the situation a bit, and the truth is it just didn't work out," he said. "There are lot of things involved: [different] culture, languages. Many little things that at the end it didn't work out."

Nicky Jam, who recently lost weight and seems focused on self-improvement, refused to say anything negative about his former fiancée. "If I don't talk more about the topic it's because I respect my ex-girlfriend," he added. "I don't like to talk about another person when she is not there to defend herself and I feel a lot of love and respect for my ex-girlfriend."

He assured they are still friends and ended on good terms: "We have a beautiful friendship." The singer, 39, added that Moreau "is a great person and a great girl," but said they weren't meant to be as a couple.

In November 2020, he told People CHICA about his wedding plans with Moreau, which were on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions. "We are happy, but with the current situation of the pandemic the wedding is on pause for now," he said then. "There are many people in both of our families who have a delicate age and can't take risks. There is no rush. Love is not a wedding, love is two hearts that love one another. As soon as life goes back to normal, we'll set a date." It seems the new year brought new paths for both of them.