The show is about a baker who falls in love with a famous model, and it looks amazing.


Love is in the air, or at least will be soon on ABC. The network’s new series The Baker and the Beauty tells the story of Daniel Garcia, a Cuban baker (played by Dominican American actor Victor Rasuk) who falls in love with Noa, a famous model (played by Australian actress Nathalie Kelley). The trailer shows the hilarious dynamic of Daniel’s Latinx family, who all work together at the bakery and butt into his love life.


After Daniel’s girlfriend Vanessa proposes to him during a fancy dinner in South Beach — and then pours soup on him after he hesitates to answer — he runs into his dream girl, Noa. The model offers him a ride and saves him from the worst night of his life; they then start a romance of their own that attracts a lot of paparazzi attention.

Daniel’s family seem thrilled with the fact that their son is now dating a celebrity and that Noa’s fans are flocking to the bakery to get a glimpse of the hot new couple — which is good for business! “I want what my parents have,” Daniel says. “They make each other better.”


The story, set in Miami, also stars Lisa Vidal as Daniel’s mother and Carlos Gomez as his father. The new series — which is an adaptation of the hit Israeli show Beauty and the Baker — premieres April 6 on ABC.