From Bomba Estéreo, Sofía Reyes, and Becky G, this week's playlist will get you ready to move.


It's time for your dose of excellent music to get you in weekend mode. This week's curated playlist includes a blend of pop, reggaeton, rap, and even some Andean flare. Get ready to turn up your speakers and be mesmerized by what these artists have in store.

2. "Chanteito Pa un ex" by Beatriz Luengo ft. Darel

Grammy Award winner Beatriz Luengo is coming for all the ladies with this empowering new single, "Chanteito pa' un ex," featuring urban idol Darell. The song includes Paquita la del Barrio's intervention using linguistic folklore to promote self-love and not let any man step over her. Darell's unique voice also makes this track unparalleled to any other by the singer. The song was written by Luengo, Andrés Castro, Alean Imbert, Darell, and Yotuel and premiered alongside a music video.

1. "Mal de amores" by Sofía Reyes and Becky G

Sofía Reyes and Becky G are getting over their love woes in this mix of cumbia, pop, and slight reggaeton beats. What's better than getting over your ex with a friend? The tune comes out with an accompanying video where the stars eat ice cream and chips in front of the television when Reyes decides it's time for them to go drinking and enjoy life. It looks like there's a new tune for the heartbroken!

2. "Darte" by Casper Magico, Nio Garcia, Zion y Lennox and Flow La Movie 

Get ready to drop low with this new collaborative tune between Casper Magico, Nio Garcia, Zion y Lennox, and Flow La Movie. The reggaeton track talks about only wanting to be with someone for physical purposes, ensuring they don't fall in love. The song has a unique flow with the diverse artist's styles, including a rap verse.

3. "Ahora" by Bomba Estéreo

The unmistakable sound of Bomba Estéreo is back with a new album Deja. In "Ahora," we start with a meditation where Li Saumet's vocals guide us through a daydream mantra, a promise to ourselves to be present at the moment. "Fuego" is the final piece of their sixth studio album, Deja, released in four parts based on the four elements. Like other tunes by the Colombo/Israeli band, this piece will stick in your head and leave you wanting more.

4. "Adios" by Deorro ft. Andrez Babii

Multi-platinum selling producer and EDM DJ Deorro has teamed up with rapper and producer Andrez Babii to release their latest track, "Adios."  The song is an explosive and energizing mix of bouncy fusion, electronic, and Latin sounds that define a soon-to-be summer anthem. The song also blurs the lines between reggaeton, hip-hop, and pop with Babii's unique style.

5. "Nostálgico" by Rvssian, Rauw Alejandro, Chris Brown

Yes, you read that right. Rauw Alejandro and Chris Brown are singing on the same track. Rauw Alejandro's voice opens the song with an ex that comes back but is toxic; however, he can't stay away. The song features pop beats mixed with bi-lingual lyrics and a sexy music video to wrap it all up perfectly.