The return of Don Omar, Natti Natasha, and Karol G all in this week's track list.

The weekend is finally here, and with it, our curated list of excellent music. Whether you're in the mood for something upbeat, classic, or tropical, we're sure these sound waves will get you in the right vibes. So turn up your speakers and get ready for what these artists have in store.

  1. "Wish You Well" by Sofía Valdes

Panamanian singer Sofía Valdes is back with her new single "Wish You Well," exploring the darker side of friendship. The song is about someone she grew up with and later grew apart from. This single follows the debut of her EP Ventura and is accompanied by a music video.

2. "Experimento" by Myke Towers

Part of his upcoming studio album Michael, "Experimento" is an upbeat pop song with drum elements bringing back Michael Jackson vibes. Myke Towers delivers a different experience than his usual sounds in this song, showing off his talent, growth, and progress. The music video was directed by Brad Furman, with the participation of NBA superstar Terry Rozier and model Josie Canseco.

3. "Imposible amor" by Natti Natasha ft. Maluma

Natti Natasha is celebrating the release of her new album "NattiVidad" and with it the release of her new single with Colombian singer Maluma, "Imposible amor." The song tells the story of a toxic love filled with betrayal, mistakes, and someone who won't change their ways even for love. The music video features a sexy Natti Natasha keeping Maluma hostage in a mansion.

4. "Flow HP" by Don Omar ft. Residente

Puerto Rican reggaeton icon Don Omar is back with Residente for this new single, "Flow HP." This song is Don Omar's first release under his new deal with Saban Music Group, which he announced earlier this week. The new single speaks of Puerto Rico's perreo culture in its flow of rap and reggaeton with a black and white music video.

5. "SEJODIOTO" by Karol G

Karol G is tired of relationships and just wants to have fun. At least that's what she says in her new single "SEJODIOTO." The song talks about having diverse adventures without commitment; she has grown sick of drama and heartbreak. The music video features G driving around and dancing in the middle of the road with her iconic blue hair and dance moves.