This week's playlist includes the return of fan favorites Carla Morrison, Julieta Venegas and C. Tangana.


Is it Friday already? After a week of technology breakdowns, a new moon and Mercury retrograde, we all deserve a little fun!

This week's curated playlist includes the rebirth of Carla Morrison, a masterful bachata collaboration featuring C. Tangana and the refreshing sounds of ChocQuibTown.

So turn up your speakers (or put on your headphones) and get ready for what these artists have in store for you this weekend.

  1. "Contigo" by Carla Morrison

Three-time Latin Grammy-winning artist Carla Morrison released her latest single "Contigo," the fourth and final installment of what she considers her "rebirth" and return to music. "Act 4 is the end and beginning of everything in my rebirth. This song tells the story of how I ended up coming back to myself after doing a deep internal search, where I had to learn not only to value myself but to value what I felt. And by accepting love, now I can give it with all my strength with 'Contigo.'" Morrison said in a press release. The accompanying music video shows the artist in wheat fields with dreamy dancers moving in the background as her melodic voice leads them to move.

2. "Ateo" by C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso

Spanish singer and rapper C. Tangana has been recognized as one of his generation's most talented pop artists. This year, he was nominated for five Latin Grammy awards, including Album of the Year. Now, he's back with Argentinian Nathy Peluso and their single "Ateo," an ode to bachata which Tangana has previously incorporated in his song "Tú me dejaste de querer." The song's music video showcases an immersive cinematic experience inside a cathedral while the two artists dance to the bachata beats. 

3. "Morena" by ChocQuibTown, Lil Silvio & El Vega, La Ross María

The dance track of the fall has officially dropped with this collaboration. Caribbean vibes blend with South American sounds and upbeat guitar chords and syncopated beats. Colombian group ChocQuibTown, from Cali, teamed up with Dominican singer La Ross María and fellow Colombian duo Lil Silvio and El Vega to celebrate every shade of Latinas. The music video will make you want to dance along and create your own TikTok challenge.

4. "Pegao" by Lastmonday

Bronx-based Dominican artist Lastmonday offers up his new single "Pegao," a hypnotic "rachatta" that blends traditional bachata with non-instrumental sounds. The song talks about an unconventional love while the singer cooks in the music video. 

5. "Lo siento BB :/ " by Tainy, Bad Bunny and Julieta Venegas

Another one that promises to be a hit this season, this bittersweet track blends the incomparable sound of Julieta Venegas' voice with the urban style of Tainy and Bad Bunny. The music video is sci-fi-inspired as a young woman and a monster find each other and fall in love?