J Balvin, Rauw Alejandro, Sará, ANDREKZA, Nuni, and more.
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Every Friday, People CHICA spotlights the most exciting new songs from Latino artists. Today, we round up the latest releases for the week ending November 13.

1. Nuni, "Te Responde"

Nuni released his new single "Te Responde," as well a music video.

2. Sará, "Besame"

Singer Sará released her new song and video "Besame," which focuses on the topic of inclusivity and being able to love whoever you want. Same-sex couples, elderly couples, and couples with Down syndrome are featured in the video to illustrate the point. "It inspires you to show the love you have in your heart regardless of what others think," Sará explained in a press release. "We can love whoever we want because love is love and we must live it with intensity. I am not talking only about love between a couple but the love of family and children; I want to convey that we are all the same and that a kiss is universal and is the best way to show what we feel."

3. ANDREKZA, "Ya Fue"

After the release of her debut single "TÉ," ANDREKZA, the first female artist under Steve Aoki's Latin imprint Dim Mak En Fuego, released her new single "Ya Fue." "'Ya Fue' was the last song I added to my album and recently finished writing. I had been longing to feel this story but thought about what we're accustomed to or what we believe society says is 'correct,'" she shared in a press release. "If we mistakenly fall in love, then do we deserve the same karma as Adam and Eve? We think too much and stop feeling and flowing with our emotions — this is what I realized, which led to the melodies of this story. ... For me, life is about empowering our emotions and allowing ourselves to feel and live by them."

4. Rauw Alejandro and J Balvin, "De Cora"

Puerto Rican star Rauw Alejandro teamed up with Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin for their new song and video "De Cora."

5. Kris Floyd, Pablo Chill-E, Hozwal, Big Soto, and LeeBrian, "Códigos Remix"

Kris Floyd teamed up with Pablo Chill-E, Hozwal, Big Soto, and LeeBrian for the "Códigos" remix.

6. Rafa Pabön, "Como Tú"

Puerto Rican musician Rafa Pabön released his new video and song "Como Tú."

7. Aria featuring CrazyRocco, "Cómo Decirte"

Colombian singer and songwriter Aria collaborated with Venezuelan singer Rocco Etchevers, known artistically as CrazyRocco, for their new song and video "Cómo Decirte."

8. El Pekeño, Brray, Anonimus, and El Futuro Fuera de Orbita, "Dice Que Esta Soltera"

El Pekeño, Brray, Anonimus, and El Futuro Fuera de Orbita all teamed up for the new single "Dice Que Esta Soltera."

9. Carlos Martínez, "Olvidarte"

Mexican singer Carlos Martínez released his new single "Olvidarte" on Friday. "Everything that I feel I like to capture with music, I live from anecdotes and experiences and I decide to write about it," he said in a release. "'Olvidarte' is synonymous with everything that identifies me in terms of the rhythm that I want to show my audience."